About Us

Flaming Dragon Tattoo Company first opened its doors on October 1,1998. Our location is in downtown Tacoma, on 6th Avenue.
6thAveOutsideAs other talented tattooists expressed interest in working to develop their skills in the creative environment presented by the Flaming Dragon team, it was necessary to open a second location to facilitate our space requirements, and expand our customer base. Acquiring a 2-story, 1918 farmhouse in the eclectic “6th & Proctor” neighborhood of Tacoma.

As a whole, Flaming Dragon Tattoo Co. has become one of the most creative attractions the world of tattooing has to offer. Our locations are walk-in friendly, and all tattooists are capable of designing and applying high quality, custom imagery for those who wish to commission our tattoo services. Occasionally, an appointment is necessary, as we are busy, and handle all customers on a first come-first serve basis.

All artists have been carefully selected to work as a member of the Flaming Dragon artistic effort. Many facets are taken into account when a tattooist is considered to join us, such as artistic talent, technical skill, historic knowledge, passion for the art, etc. These are huge factors to consider, and these are fundamentals that continue to develop over a lifetime. We are fortunate to be involved with one another. Each individual brings a unique style and area of interest that is shared and received by one-another, and, as a result, progress and learning excel, and all members of our group benefit.