Health Requirements

Requirements for showing up to your tattoo appointment:

  1. Be on time. If you are early, wait in your car until your appointment time (door will be locked, we will let you in).
  2. Bring your own mask, wear it into the shop and keep it on.
  3. Bring I.D. Card. Be prepared to fill out new paperwork.
  4. Come alone. No visitors.
  5. No food. Water only.
  6. Your temperature will be taken and recorded (no touch).
  7. Upon entering the shop, wash hands in the bathroom immediately.
  8. If you are sick, feel sickness coming on, have been sick within the last 72 hours, or have been exposed to someone who is sick, DO NOT COME TO THE SHOP!

If 8. applies, Stay home, call so we know you are ill, and we will reschedule you. If you do not call, it will count as a NO SHOW, and you will lose your deposit!!

We are stoked to tattoo you all soon!!

Consultation Requirements!

  1. Bring your tattoo references/artwork/idea.
  2. Please wear a mask.
  3. Bring a $100 cash deposit.
  4. Consults will be held in front of shop to keep maximum occupancy inside shop low.
  5. No changes to idea after consult is finished.
  6. Come alone if at all possible.