ScottBioPictI was born on may 15 1967. Art has been my primary focus for as long as I can remember, and creativity in many facets has always consumed my thought process. Drawing, painting woodwork, metal fabrication, anything I can do to release ideas has proven to be necessary in my life.

I started tattooing on Aug. 31,1991, when I received a proper apprenticeship with Jon and Rogene Handlon, owners of Fine Line Tattoo in Topeka, Kansas. They taught me the technical side of tattooing, as well as the business and “life” of tattooing. I owe all of this to them.

Their son, Ira Handlon, owner of American Tattoo in Omaha, Nebraska, gave me my first exposure to large scale tattooing. This spurred a personal interest to develop my education, as it relates to Asian-style tattooing.

I was fortunate to receive the well-rounded education that a busy military shop offered, and I enjoyed the change of pace that real walk-in tattooing offered in the early stages of my development. To this day, I offer a humble attempt at many styles, ranging from portraiture, to traditional Americana, to an American pseudo-Japanese style, all are of interest to me.

In January of 1997, 1 relocated to Tacoma, Wa., and worked in a street shop for 1 1/2 years. On October 1,1998, 1 opened Flaming Dragon Tattoo Co. The result of my life’s efforts, I present to you here.

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